Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HTML5 IndexedDB – DZone Refcardz

IndexedDB is an exciting browser-based database technology capable of holding large amounts of structured data and conducting high-performance searches using indexes.

DZone.com gave me the opportunity to write another article for their Refcardz series and I'm pleased to announce that my article on HTML5 IndexedDB is now available!

The Refcard introduces you to IndexedDB by guiding you through setting up and using an IndexedDB database, and covers advanced usage and known issues.

The article also contains a link to a github project showing IndexedDB in action. Use the code to better understand IndexedDB or even as a jumping off point for your project.

The DZone.com article can be found here: http://refcardz.dzone.com/refcardz/html5-indexeddb

Thursday, April 11, 2013

HTML5 Web Workers – DZone Refcardz

I've recently had the privilege to work with DZone.com and write an article for their Refcardz series about HTML5 Web Workers.

The article combines the information presented in several of my blog posts and also introduces some new information and concepts like transferable objects, inline workers, as well as a link to a sample project.

The DZone.com article can be found here: http://refcardz.dzone.com/refcardz/html5-web-workers

The following are the blog posts related to HTML5 Web Workers...