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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Migrating Projects from Project 2010 to Project Server 2010

To view a previous article 'A step-by-step guide to creating resources, projects, tasks, teams, and assignments in Microsoft Project Server 2010 using only Internet Explorer' feel free to click the following link: Microsoft Project Server 2010 using only Internet Explorer

This article will detail the process of migrating projects from Microsoft Project 2010 to Microsoft Project Server 2010.

Configuring Project to log into Project Server

Before being able to migrate projects to Project Server you need to have Project set up to be able to log into Project Server.

When you open up Project 2010 you will see a view similar to the following:

(click to view the image full size)

Click the File tab in the top left corner and you will see a menu system similar to the following:

(click to view the image full size)

If not already selected, click Info from the left menu and then click the Manage Accounts button:

(click to view the image full size)

A Project Server Accounts pop-up will be displayed as shown in the following screen shot.

(click to view the image full size)

Click the Add... button and a small Account Properties pop-up will be displayed.

(click to view the image full size)

Give the account a name. This account name will be what you will select as a Profile when logging into Project Server the next time you start Project.

Specify the URL to Project Server

Click OK

On the Project Server Accounts pop-up, make sure the option to choose an account is selected if the default account is not the Project Server account you just created.

Click OK on the Project Server Accounts pop-up.

Close Microsoft Project

Logging into Project Server from Project

In order to convert a project file into a Project Server project you will need to open up Project logged into Project Server.

Start Project and you should see the following pop-up allowing you to choose your Project Server profile to log into:

(click to view the image full size)

Choose your Project Server 2010 profile and then click OK. You may be prompted to specify the necessary authentication credentials depending on how Project Server is set up.

Open the project file you would like to migrate to Project Server (you can use the 'File, Open' or 'File, Recent' menu items)

Because this project is not yet in Project Server, you will need to save it there first. Click the File, Save As menu item to cause the Save to Project Server pop-up to be displayed:

(click to view the image full size)

Give the project a name and then click Save

Publishing a Project

Changes to a Project Server project are not public even though you now have your project saved in Project Server. People will not be able to do things like track their time against the tasks until you publish the project.

Every time you go in and update a project, you will need to publish the project again to make the latest changes public.

To publish a Project Server project, click the File tab and then the Publish menu item.

And there you have it. Your project file has now been migrated to Project Server and is now public.

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